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Federal Public Defender
District of Oregon

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The mission of the Federal Public Defender's Office:

Ensure that the right to counsel is enforced
on behalf of those who cannot afford such services
as is guaranteed by the 6th Amendment and the Criminal Justice Act.

Federal Defender offices are created under the provisions of 18 United States Code 3006A.

This office was opened in 1983.

District of Oregon Offices

101 SW Main, Suite 1700
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 326-2123

859 Willamette St., Ste 200
Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 465-6937

15 Newtown Street
Medford,OR 97501

District of Oregon Federal Defender Employment:

Assistant Federal Defender Capital Habeas Announcement 2015

Research and Writing Attorney Announcement 2015


1326 and Constitutional Avoidance Memo
1326 pretrial release Castro-Inzunza
1326 Pretrial Release -Trujillo-Alvarez
3582(c) Stats
5G1.3 Memo
Abbott v Thomas AOB
ACCA and Constitutional Avoidance Memo
Aloku Lodgment of SCOTUS Briefs
Ahrndt Order to Suppress
Alternatives to Incarceration Document
Alternatives to Incarceration Symposium
Arreola-Leyva Cert Petition
Acquitted Conduct Dissent
Barber 09-5201rb
Barber v. Thomas

Barber v. Thomas merits amicus brief

Barber v. Thomas.Gov't brief
Barber v. Thomas.Joint Appendix
Basardh Cert Petition
BOP Clemency Message

Chief Judge Pechman & Competency Delays

Bowen amicus final
Bowen v Oregon 08A543 cert pet
Close v. Thomas cert petition
Cole Petition for Certiorari
Crack Retroactivity
Crawford DNA Suppression
Drug Court Video- A Federal Program in Oregon

Q & A On Descamps And The Categorical Approach To Classifying Prior Convictions Under Federal Sentencing Statutes And Guidelines

Detainer Memo 1
Detainer Memo 2
Formulating a Correctional Treatment Plan  
Fox Amicus  
Fox Merits
Fox Opposition to summary reversal
FPD Sentencing Commission Priority Letter
Garcia-Beltran Cert Petition
Gomez Dismissal Memo
Gomez-Hernandez Opinion
Gonzales v. USA Brief
Harper Suppression Order
Guantanamo Detainees
Harris Opinion
Holder Mikulski
Judge Smith's House Subcommittee testimony on electronic surveillance
Johnson Petition for Rehearing
Jones Order and Opinion
Kelly Opinion On 5G1.3 Good Time
Kiyemba Amicus
LA Pharmacists Dismissal
Lee v. Lambert
Miranda Olivares Opinion
Munoz-Cruz Cert Petition
Ortiz-Hernandez Cert Petition
Pedersen Supervisory Opinion
Phillip Smith 3582c supplement
Phillip Smith 3582c motion
Peck rehearing_petition
Peck Cert Petition
Peck AOB
Persaud GVR Order
Persaud Concession
Persaud Cert Petition
Pike Cert Petition
Pina-Lopez Opinion
Rendon - Govt Rehearing Petition
Reynolds Petition for Rehearing En Banc
Reynolds v Thomas cert petition
Roberts Opinion
Sacora Petition for Rehearing
Sacora Opening Brief
Sacora 2d Chance Act Cert Petition
Search and Seizure - Steve Sady
Schlossberg v Solesbee Electronic device search
Steve Sady's House Subcommittee testimony on BOP
Second Chance Act
Sentencing: Character Reference Letter
Sentencing Innocence

Smith v. Thomas.Opinion

State Sovereignty and Federal Sentencing Why de facto Consecutive Sentencing by the Bureau of Prisons Should Not Survive Bond v United States
Sixth Circuit applies Johnson to COs
Snyder Opinion
Suppression: US v. Jones
Rules for AEDPA Survival
US v. Grisel
US v. Cervantes-Valencia - Judge Hernandez Opinion
US v. Cervantes-Valencia - Judge Hernandez Opinion
Federal Defender Response To GAO report on BOP
Thomas Kane BOP Ltr
Weinstein 200 1 moly depart for deport
Wilmer Opinion

Zepeda Amicus on Indian Definition

Office of the Federal Public Defender, District of Oregon, 101 SW Main, Suite 1700, Portland, OR 97204, Phone 503-326-2123
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